Dear Climbers Garden friends and family, after 16 years on our small location we are moving!

The new Climbers Garden location is 200m up the road. Here we have more space and the new building will consist of a spacious communal kitchen, dining area, sitting area and bar/reception (yes, with coffee & apple pie among other things) all on ground floor, in a single building with two sun decks, one with a view on the mountain and the other under the tall trees.

Each tent space has an allocated locker in the communal area as we have noticed fitting your personal belongings and your climbing gear into your tent or a rental tent is not always easy.

We will not have bungalows here, only rental tents and camping space, but the small houses at The Land can be booked at a special rate through the Climbers Garden website and the main building at Climbers Garden will be accessible to all guests.

Climbers Garden will open on its new location soon: on 01.10.2017.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Zuleyha, Murat, Jeroen, Rabia